where have all the experts gone?

>> Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Brooks on the McCain Administration:

“There simply aren’t enough Republican experts left to staff an administration, so he will have to throw together a hodgepodge with independents and Democrats.”

This demands a follow up question to Mr. Brooks, "Why aren't there any left?".

The question is largely rhetorical. It is obvious why there are not many Republican experts left. Their policies are considered failures and the intellectual backing has been discredited. The only people who believe in the policies of the GOP are people who are fundamentally opposed to the idea that you have to be specialized to understand some things. They pick positions based on ideology and not fact and when you do that you are left without the fact based peoples support.

If Brooks does not see this then he is being intellectually dishonest. Almost as dishonest as claiming that McCain, when faced with this dirth of Conservative thought, would actually stock his administration with Dems and Indys. McCain is a solid conservative. His policies are the GOP policies and they would be the opposite of the policy favored by dems in cases without the GOP experts.

It might be the one good thing about the Bush administration, officially discrediting the hacks who populate the GOP.


Anonymous September 7, 2008 at 2:35 AM  

This is a really good post.
I like the angle here.

But really, the GOP is going to play out in one of three ways:
1) McCain wins, Republicans become more moderate (and read what the right-wing blogs have to say about him if you don't believe it);
For #'s 2 & 3, McCain loses, and:
2) the Huckabee faction wins out to dominate the GOP for probably about another 6 to 10 years; or
3) the Romney faction will dominate the GOP for roughly the same period, likely a bot longer.

That the leadership of both parties is at stake is the great backstory in this election cycle.

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