Palin Baby Rumor is the Dems answer to Republican Obama Emails.

>> Monday, September 1, 2008

If your not aware of it there has been a rumor going around that Sarah Palin's fifth child is not actually her child but her daughter's. Personally i think this is false. What i would like to say about this though is that it is very similar to the smear emails sent around by the Republicans.

Dems ask periodically why we dont have the same type of chain emails filled with lies and distortions that are about Sen. Obama sent about Sen. McCain. I generally think that it has to do with how most liberals approach the world. There is a real resistance to the anything goes to win mentality. Libs want to stick to the truth and win through the power of ideas. At least that is my opinion. It is related to why we do such a poor job framing issues and speaking in sound bytes. The world is complex and has many different angles and many shades of gray. We recognize this and try to be constant with that, any thing else is a dangerous oversimplification.

The thing about those emails is that the are salacious, titillating, and on the surface could almost seem true. The consequence of their possible truth would be huge, election altering. It is always that way with conspiracies. There is something about them that appeals to people. The Palin baby rumor fits in perfectly with this. People would eat it up if it was sent in a chain email. It would become a zombie lie. So if your one of the few Dems who think we should engage in these types of Rovian tactics to win then here is your chance, but be ready for the consequences.

If we sink to this level, engaging in this type of conspiracy rumor mongering we can never hold it against the GOP again. It would legitimize it. It is a line once crossed that cannot be uncrossed and would make the Dems no better than the GOP. It might sound foolish or noble but if the Republicans manage to destroy America i would not like it to be said about me that i was just like them.


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