McCain displayed a lot of weakness

>> Saturday, September 27, 2008

People have been talking about the lack of eye contact and acknowledgment John McCain gave to Barack Obama during the debate. I think this had a big impact on people who watched it. McCain's lack of direct dealing with Obama revealed him to be inflexible and made him look less confident and defensive during most of the debate.

McCain's inability to actually interact with Obama made it look like he had less confidence in his positions versus Obama. It looks like he was trying to run from Obama. McCain spent all of his time talking away from Obama in a way that made him look weaker than Obama as if he was appealing to people outside the debate instead of actually debating Obama. Obama was debating McCain and engaging him directly, putting his positions and his answers under fire. Instead of facing up to Obama he was turned away from him at all times.

It made it look like mccain was less confident because of his inflexibility. In the way he gave his answers he look rigid. He could not face Obama with his canned and fairly unoriginal answers. McCain would not be able to deviate from the preplanned script. Obama in contrast looked natural and more in command of the material. He was able to engage McCain directly and his answers had more weight behind them because they were addressed right to mccain. He put the pressure onto McCain and McCain did not handle it well.

McCain's repeated repetition that Obama was naive or lacked judgment were likely the talking points his campaign picked out for him. Instead of looking strong though it looked like McCain was a little desperate in trying to convince people that what Obama was saying was wrong. If he had adressed Obama directly looked him into the eyes and told him he did not get it the results would have been far different.

When i watch two people vying for leadership debate something i want to see that they can face the person and attack their arguments head on. McCains refusal to face up to obama made him look like the weaker of the two candidates. Many people have taken his refusal to face obama as contempt but i took it as fear. McCain knows he is floundering and he wa trying to run from that tonight and he failed.


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