Palin Will Blow Over

>> Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I wrote earlier on the feeding frenzy regarding Sarah Palin and the media questioning whether she should or will continue on the ticket. The whole situation is reminiscent of the Jeremiah Wright situation. The clamor is building on itself in the echo chamber. The media is crating a scenario where there are two outcomes. 1 McCain succumbs to pressure and boots Palin or two, McCain goes over the top of the media and outlasts the clamor.

Option one for McCain is probably going to be a candidacy sinker. I don't know how you get away with picking someone so bad that you have to find someone else against your wishes. The only precedent for this is the Eagleton pick. That one did not work out so well either. Sure its possible McCain is allowed to go back and pick someone safe and already prevetted and is ultimately forgiven but i dont view that as likely. That would really upset the CR who are actually ecstatic about the pick. Too many question have been raised and too much goodwill spent to overcome dropping her i expect.

Option 2 is the most likely. McCain will try to outlast the media on this one. They will hope that something else comes along or the media gets bored with the stroy when McCain fails to respond to pressure. If no other crazy revelations come out about Palin in the coming weeks then they might squeek by with a small hit. This is still better than being forced to dump her entirely. It is always possible that McCain uses whats left of his Maverick status to overcome this but it is not a good position to be in.


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