Religious Freedom

>> Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Religious freedom is precious thing. In that spirit i am glad to see the U.N. promoting it. The country leading the way though seems like an unfortunate choice.

Saudi Arabia, which deploys a special police force to ensure that a narrow sect of Islam predominates in the kingdom, is sponsoring a discussion at the United Nations on religious tolerance starting Wednesday.

Hmm. Good lead if somewhat painful to read. For some context,

“It’s like apartheid South Africa having a conference at the U.N. on racial harmony,” said Ali al-Ahmed, a Shiite Muslim dissident from Saudi Arabia based in Washington.

The different religions in this country who demand that their views be the only views in this country should think what it is like to be forbidden their religious views. I am looking at you LDS. Imagine trying to practice your faith in the kingdom.


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