Bailout Financial but let the Auto's fail?

>> Monday, November 24, 2008

Look i know that the Auto industry is not the poster child for intelligent business model and that the ceo's who came to the hill to beg were stupid to do so in private jets but the scrutiny given to the Auto industry is actually pretty extraordinary when compared to the financial sector. Especially considering that the auto sector probably provides more jobs when its all counted up.

Part of this is that everyone has been pissed at the auto club for a while because they have undermined CAFE standards and produced bloated SUV's. The other is that the south had those union free auto plants that they want more of. The final part is that the financial people are more than happy to give oversight free bags of money to their friends who they know deserve it lest the entire world crumble.

I actually dont oppose putting some steele strings on this bail out money for autos but i would like to see the same response given to those companies like citi who come begging for money and seem to get it instantly.


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