Dean Trys to Cover by Blaming Youth

>> Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Howard Dean did an interview with bloggers today that addressed the lieberman situation. He gave a bunch of ansers that were pretty weak tea but this is one i found very bad,

Well, people of my generation think yeah, damn right we should. But in this new spirit of reconciliation, which is why I think Barack Obama got elected by 66 percent of the under 35 vote, maybe if not (unintelligible) I'm very willing to give the benefit of the doubt to the Senators and to Barack Obama on that one. Do we want to have a big fight over what happens to Joe Lieberman? I don't think so. I think we want to have a big fight about whether we have a decent health insurance program or a renewable energy program.

Now being under 35 i feel qualified to voice my opinion on this idea. Making sweeping generalizations that young people would not want to see Joe Lieberman punished for lying and fear mongering misunderstands why Obama was elected. Obama was elected to restore competancy and accountability to the government and to clean up after the Bush Admin. Lieberman is one of those things that needs to be cleaned up. He failed in his job as head investigator of governmental affairs. The man is bad at his job and that is one of the biggest problems young people and people in general have with Bush he was bad at his job.

Also, Gov. Dean may want to consider that those young people voted overwhelmingly against a candidate who Joe Lieberman supported. They voted against Joe's ideas of what we need in a leader so in some way we did vote against Joe Lieberman when we rejected what he stood for. Dont use the youth as an excuse for your spinelessness.


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