Howard Wolfson Stop Calling Yourself a Dem

>> Saturday, August 30, 2008

One of the things about former Clinton campaign people is that they have really made their former boss look bad. Howard Wolfson is one of those people who many Obama Dems had little respect for during the primary. He and Penn were clearly cynical DLC men. Take the position that gets votes without the consideration of whether that is morally or factually right. After the primary he jumped over to the Republican Propaganda arm, Fox News. As of now he needs to stop calling himself a Dem.

Here is Wolfson talking about the Palin Pick,

But Howard Wolfson, the former Clinton communications director, said she could peel away some votes.

"Both campaigns seemed to have decided that Hillary Clinton's 18 millions voters represent a key swing bloc in this election -- both Barack Obama's speech and John McCain's pick were at least partially aimed at them," Wolfson said in an e-mail.

"The fact that Palin is pro-life and pro-gun will be a block for many of Senator Clinton's supporters -- but not all. And it will raise the question for many why Senator Obama didn't pick Senator Clinton as his running mate."

Howard is sounding an awful lot like one of those PUMA people. He did not pick Hillary because she was not the best choice. She refused to be vetted unless she was going to be picked, an ultimatum that left her out of consideration.

I have not met a real woman yet who is not insulted by this cynical pick. I do not anticipate hordes of women flocking to this virulently anti-choice, anti-science ticket. That Howard refused to point this out and instead pretended like this was a credible idea is sad. Howard deserves to be thrown out of any Dem circles.


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