DOJ Seeks Reduced Sentence For Abramoff In D.C. Corruption Case

>> Thursday, August 28, 2008

You may or may not be familiar with the way the US justice system works. 95% of cases are plead out or settled. Meaning that less than 5% go to court. The art of the deal is one of the most important skills for defense attorneys to posses. The system cannot handle it if everyone went to trial. The other feature that comes with this dealing is that the little fish turn over on the bigger fish. This means that these fish who inform are given a lesser sentence, even when the fish is particularly rotten. In this case the rotten fish is Jack Abramoff,

Federal prosecutors are seeking a reduced sentence for imprisoned GOP lobbyist Jack Abramoff in a Washington, D.C., corruption case, citing his his "significant and useful" cooperation against other individuals involved in the scandal that brought down the one-time K Street superstar.

Prosecutors are seeking only a 64-month sentence for Abramoff in the D.C. corruption case, far less than the minimum 108 months behind bars he could have received under federal sentencing guidelines. Abramoff, who is already serving a 70-month prison term in a Florida fraud case, is scheduled to be sentenced Sept. 4 in the D.C. case.

The Washington Post is reporting that Abramoff "would serve no more than another three years and three months in prison, not accounting for credit for good behavior awarded by the Bureau of Prisons," meaning he could be out by late 2011, and possibly a year earlier if Abramoff's attorneys are successful in winning furhter reductions.

This is particularly grating. This is one of those cases where the person needs to spend a decade plus in prison. Corrupting the American government should be considered treason. It was a crime against the American people are certainly cost the lives of some Americans. So excuse me if i dont find this enought to let him out.

The reduced sentence for Abramoff "is appropriate given Abramoff’s extraordinary cooperation to date, cooperation which can be wholly or partially credited for the convictions of a member of Congress, five high-level legislative branch officials, one high-level executive branch official, and two other mid- to low-level public officials, as well as ongoing matters," prosecutors wrote. This list includes: former Rep. Bob Ney (R-Ohio); Tony Rudy, a one-time top aide to former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas); Neil Volz, Ney's former chief of staff and former lobbyist at Abramoff's firm; Will Heaton, another former Ney aide; and J. Steven Griles, former deputy secretary of the Interior Dept.

The government also recommended that Abramoff's tax penalties be reduced by more than $1 million, citing errors in the original calculation of what Abramoff owed in 2001 and 2002.

Given that the DOJ was recently investigated for its political hiring practices and the people Abramoff informed on where from the same party it makes it a little suspect that they are letting him out early. Jack should stay in prison. I dont care how much he helped put other sleaze bags away. He does not deserve to be let out early. No easing of sentence restrictions please.


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