Biden Should Not Back Off

>> Sunday, August 31, 2008

When Joe Biden was selected to be Obama;s running mate it was with the idea that he would act as an attack man. He would hit McCain on matters of national security and foriegn policy. It was also assumed that he would go after whoever was picked as McCain's running mate in the Vp debates. With the choice of Sarah Palin though there are some voices wondering whether he should back off or be extra careful about dealing with Palin in the debates. I think this is the wrong strategy.

If Biden pulls his punches it does a couple things. The first is that it looks sexist like he thinks Palin is not tough enough to handle things because she is a woman. The few Hillary supporters out there who are going to vote for Palin because she is a woman would see this sexism immediately. It would just add fuel to the idea that the Dems think women are not up to the job. Treat her like you would have treated any other VP pick.

The second risk with backing off Palin is that it might make some think she is actually qualified. She is not. Biden cannot risk sitting back and letting people get the impression she deserves to be on the same stage as him. He needs to make it abundantly clear that she was an affirmative action pick. Revealing her lack of readiness is imperative.

Some people might worry about a back lash for "picking" on a woman. This is absurd as this particular woman wants to be first in line for the Presidency should something happen to McCain. Ignoring her or patronizing her is not the way to go. She needs to be revealed as a nice enough lady but totally wrong on the issues and totally unready to take over the Presidency.


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