Thanking Hillary Clinton

>> Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I might have missed it but i have yet to see a diary dedicated to thanking senator clinton for her campaign tactics. I refuse to thank mark penn because, well...i still loathe him as a human being. Senator Clinton though, she gets my thanks for her campaign.

Thank you for continuing your campaign seemingly forever so that we could air out all the potential dirty smears before november. William ayers, jeremiah wright, rezco, all of them came out in the primaries and became attacks used by sen clinton against barack obama. Without that long drawn out primary they would not have been run into the ground so far that nobody cares about them anymore. The media no longer sees them as news and instead covers them as partisan attacks with dubious to non existent merit. would that have been the case without the primary the way it was?

Sen Clinton also gets a thank you because the long drawn out primary that visited every state gave us a head start in boosting voter registration and in building gotv infrastructure. Obama has learned that you do need street money in PA, something he failed to provide in the primary. Obama has also had the chance to test out his polling and demographic information in each new state. He was able to add to the voter database the dems now have.

We should also thank senator clinton for participating in all of those debates. While they became so repetitive and boring they did serve a purpose, they trained obama to be a better debater. They say practice makes perfect and he sure had a lot of that in those 20+ debates.

Hillary Clinton gets a thank you because with out her and the drawn out agonizing primary steve schmidt would never have thought to draft the little known and oh so beloved governor of Alaska to be McCain;s running mate. If they did not have those PUMAs or generally disaffected women out there, at least in theory, we would have gotten a male candidate. Instead we were blessed with, "in what respect charlie?" and numerous other moments of comedy gold. Clinton also provided the measuring stick against which palin was found wanting. So we have hillary clinton to thank for sarah palin.

Senator Clinton also helped to set the health care agenda by making that a central issue of her campaign. Obama and his health care plan have been out there forever at this point and have managed to stand the test of time. McCain was forced to respond to this and put forth his craptastical health care plan. Forcing him to defend this plan gave us the gems like cutting medicare and destroying the employer based health system. Obama would have had a health care plan but it would not have been such a prominent issue without the effort made by sen clinton.

Although you hired Mark Penn we did get to expose him for the scum he is and hopefully make sure he never gets a job in democratic politics again. true, we had to spend millions of dollars against you long after you lost a chance of winning and you tried the whole michigan and florida stunt that nearly drove me insane I say thank you hillat clinton.


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