Sotomayor and the Lack of A Liberal Philosophy

>> Saturday, July 25, 2009

Its hard to blame Judge Sotomayor for not giving a long drawn out lecture on the nature of the American Appellate system to the Senators who asked her questions. She after all really wants to be on the Court. It is clear that at this point in time simply keeping your mouth shut and letting the Senators talk about themselves and their views is the easiest way to be confirmed.

You can search around the bloggosphere and see the disappointment in liberal circles that sotomayor failed to articulate any meaningful liberal view of the role of the judiciary in American Society. This is true. We didnt here about the constitution as an illustrative document of principles that are applied to current situations. Instead we heard plenty about restraint and open mindedness. We heard that the Court, contrary to everyone elses understanding, doesnt make policy.

The only time we might see an honest discussion about how the courts in this country operate is if we get someone up there in the hearings who doesnt care about being confirmed. Imagine someone simply going up there and telling it like it is. That the Court makes policy, edits and rewrites law.


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