its time for the right to come out of the closet

>> Thursday, April 30, 2009


“It’s interesting that people say the right has taken over the Republican Party — but no one can say what we’ve done,” Mr. Reagan said. “We’ve been closeted for the last eight years; it’s time for the right to come out of the closet.”

Does this mean that the right is now going to support gay marriage? If Bush was the right in the closet is Michelle Bachmann what happens when they are free? If so im a little scared. The right isnt losing young people because they arent conservative enough and they wont win them because young people are so afraid of deficit spending. My advice? give up on the antigay stuff and the abortion purity test. You might be surprised how many people that could bring back.

O-le,O-le, O-le, O-le! O-le, O-le!

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