David Gregory at MTP

>> Sunday, December 7, 2008

first take, what an uninspired choice. I mean i cant imagine david gregory brings anything to the program other an conventional wisdom and an ability to read the teleprompter. As has been noted he did occasionally ask tough questions at the white house press briefings but mostly when he perceived attacks against the media. If you want to see the real David Gregory watch the clips from race for the white house and 1600 penn. ave. I cant watch that show anymore because the questions, topics, and premises are all so banal.

I was hoping that nbc would choose someone who actually asks tough questions with real policy depth, something that gregory fails to provide. As a reporter i expect that he will take the show in a direction that is all about the political optics. i really doubt he has the policy chops to go after a follow up on say, corn subsidies and their effects on gas prices. In addition, despite his insideriness i am not sure he has a great handle on the legislative process itself. Someone who would have asked questions about the committee maneuvering would have been interesting to watch.

Grade: c


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