McCain is a Figurehead

>> Wednesday, July 30, 2008

McCain does not speak for the McCain campaign. There is a very good reason for this and it happens to be that McCain is not in charge of the McCain campaign. The campaign is run by people under the direction of a set of shadowy Republicans. These people are advancing their agenda independent of what McCain does. McCain can go around saying whatever he wants and it really does not matter because he does not speak for the campaign to elect him figurehead.

Think about it. There is a list of 70+ topics McCain has flipped on. In many of these cases he is at odds with what the campaign people have put out there. Take the recent tax flap for instance.

On Sunday, McCain said a payroll tax increase could be part of a negotiation. On Tuesday, McCain’s spokesperson said a payroll tax increase is “absolutely out of the question.”

The spokesperson got it from the campaign strategist and manager so he is the one who we should listen to. The campaign starts to make a great deal more sense when you assume that the people behind the scenes writing his policies and telling him where to go are the ones who will also be setting the agenda when McCain gets elected.

McCain is about the best choice there is to turn into a figurehead candidate. He really wants to be president and run our military. After being destroyed by Rove and Bush in SC during the 2000 campaign McCain was willing to simply do what it takes to be elected. He does not care about the domestic side of governing and this is his last possible shot as he is now in his 70’s. He waited his turn and submitted to the GOP so that now he gets his shot at being our military leader. All he had to do was let other people handle the domestic side of things. It makes perfect sense.

Listen to McCain when he talks about bombing brown people but not when he starts talking about taxes. He did not write it and he did not read it.


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